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Analog and Digital Computer

Computers is automatic calculated after the start of electronic general-purpose computer that runs until the end of calculation without human intervention in particular. When referring to the digital computer including supercomputers from the personal computer is often in modern. See the following sections for calculator-mechanical computer-analog computer.

Analog computer and digital computer

It is broadly divided into an analog computer and digital computer from the structure of hardware, most computers used today is a digital computer, can refer to here is often referred to simply computer.

Represents a certain physical phenomena by using the electrical phenomena and mechanical phenomena-pressure phenomenon, which is one form of a computer that is used to solve the problem analog computer. Is represented by a physical quantity to another physical quantity of certain analog computer it to the action of a mathematical function. Are characterized by output is obtained in near real-time to changes in the input, it is used for various simulations, it is necessary to modify the circuit in order to change the type of operation, there is a limit to the accuracy obtained therefore, finished its role in accordance with the speed of the digital computer.

Since the electronic circuit having the same function as it is frequently used as a key element of an electronic analog computer once, are widely used today as an operational amplifier IC, but it is what it is easy to use is modular, it has not been conscious from the computer at all.

Digital computer is composed of a combination of computing devices made ​​by using the electrical and mechanical phenomena phenomenon against. The Analytical Engine was developed by Charles Babbage, difference engine is equivalent to the arithmetic unit, agency analysis corresponds to the computer.

Designation (such as the Penal Code) has been made (and Ki Kei and Den) electronic computer legal in Japan. There is also the term "electronic computing tissue" tender notice is the official document of the government even in the 21st century, in such ordinance sometimes those words are used. Usage of "tissue" is like a meaning such as "system" roughly.

In the other, there are words such as cyber frequently used electronic brain and artificial brain, even in such as Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The term computer of English was a word to refer to a person performing arithmetic calculations originally. (It is becoming very rare in English-speaking countries but) this usage is still valid. In the second edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, it is indicated as 1897 the first year that was used as a term for a computing device mechanical this word. In the dictionary, by 1946 in order to distinguish the computer of a different type, a modifier attached to the computer have introduced several. The term analogue, digital, electronic and are included in these modifiers. But from a variety of quotes, these words had already been used previously in 1946 is obvious.

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